Alright, now that the holidays are squared away, I can get back into the flow of things.

Went out to visit Millikan, CO to visit M, M, M, B, J, and R. Food and booze was had by me :D . M tried to make scalloped potatoes on the first night, and sliced their finger open, then B tried to do the same thing, and sliced THEIR finger open. I decided to finish it with a knife… Anyways, Christmas with them was good. Family is good.

C and I went to R’s funeral service this past Saturday. It was soul crushing to have them gone for good; the reality of it setting in hit way too hard. I thought I had it under control til the bagpipes guy (apprently a Masonic friend of E’s) played Amazing Grace. R was described as having the “heart of a servant” which I thought was sweet, and also accurate. He always helped C and I with everything we ever asked of them, especially with the events leading up to M’s death.

That was hard, but then I went to party and burned 10 old Christmas trees in a barrel made out of what I can only assume was a washing machine drum. Those guys light up quick when they’re dry. Then I had some s’mores made from the regular ingredients, but I used gingerbread cookies N and I made instead of the graham cracker. SO. GOOD.

C asked me to save all their old voicemails from their phone since he was getting a new one, and one of the recordings was R saying “Dude, get the fuck out of bed. Gimme a call, later.” This is now my alarm clock ringtone for obvious reasons.

2018 was summarily a shit year.

2019 is shaping up to be considerably better.

Brign it on.