Rocky weekend

Not only did we work on C.’s walkway, Chuck and I also had to block in the gaping hole left from our old heating/AC unit. We now have a totally bitchin’ heat pump and a matching price tag (gasp). Huh. Well, in theory it will reduce our electric bill by 56%. Also getting off the old system gets us away from propane. Here are some pics. P.S. In case you didn’t know, mortar has lime in it which is caustic and very bad for hands. Wear gloves. I will – next time. Doh!

Tool Club strikes again!

C. finally had her day – she is so patient! We put in a rock walkway between her garage and house. Beautiful day, hot (90), we all got some sun and had a great time! First we shoveled some gravel out, shoveled sand in, split and laid rock out, dug them in, leveled them, then shoveled more sand on top. Sweep and spray lightly with water, ta da! Here’s a “before” pic with M, “during” with C. and an “after” shot with the cat. Girls rule!!

Now that’s a greenhouse

Yesterday I went here:

(Be sure to click on “Site map” – they aren’t talking about their Web site map.)

A little overwhelming but man, that was cool! I’m trying to figure out what to plant out in front of the house since there’s, well, NOTHING. After 11 years I finally have decided to put some plants or something out front. It faces south so I need stuff that can stand the heat/sun all day. These guys have their stuff organized very well and it made things a little easier.

It’s freakin’ Animal Kingdom out here!

Spotted this week – 1 snapper turtle, 3 guinea fowl, 2 wild turkeys, a herd of 4 deer (on two separate nights), a bunny and a very confused lizard that ended up on our front porch. Not to mention the two cats and the dog. And that doesn’t count all the birds. There are a lot of red cardinals lately and I also saw an electric yellow one, not sure what it was. Must be time to put up the hummingbird feeder.

More wildlife

At first I thought these were female wild turkeys but they’re not – apparently we have guinea fowl on the property. Looked ’em up – apparently they like ticks and Japanese beetles, and we have a lot of the latter.

Here’s a picture of a wild turkey by comparison:


(Asana means “physical posture.”)

The last thing we do in yoga class is lie flat on our backs in “corpse pose” and just chill for about 5 minutes. You can do whatever you want – meditate, make a shopping list, contemplate the universe, fall asleep – whatever you need to do. For some reason, last time I started visualizing all my friends and family as they look when laughing uncontrollably. Think about it – close your eyes and picture a good friend and a time where you both got the giggles, or you made them laugh so hard they snorted milk out their nose. Then go on to another person, and another, and another. Pretty soon all you can do is smile!

Morals and ethics

I was recently involved in a situation where – finally – a very unpleasant person got what was coming to them (plural used on purpose). I felt a very certain sense of satisfaction and karmic justice. I didn’t feel vengeful and in part, I’m sad that this person has allowed their life to get like that. I don’t know if they will ever “see,” really, the situation for what it was, but I believe life’s lessons keep presenting themselves over and over until you get it. And there is a bit of guilt in feeling the satisfaction.