Notes from the beach

Question – why would you walk along the beach with an iPod plugged into your ears? I don’t get it. I really like the sound of the ocean.

Went to a yoga class down here and the teacher told a neat little story. A teacher assigned her 5th graders the task of writing down 50 New Year’s resolutions. One kid didn’t want to do it. He thought the whole thing was a bad idea, so his parents called the teacher and worked out a deal where instead, he could submit why he thought the assignment was bad. He wrote a good letter, and in the end, said he came up with one resolution: Pet more dogs. So that year, he and his family made a point of petting more dogs – meeting neighbors, talking to people who were walking their dogs, and just doing it. Smart kid.

I don’t do resolutions. As I get older, I get more content. I think resolutions are a constant reminder of where you are deficient and the common mindset of our society is that we have to fix ourselves, that we are constantly sub-par. I dunno, I kinda like myself. I’ve worked very hard to be happy with me, and if I achieve something, cool. And if I don’t, I achieved the “try,” and hopefully learned something, which is also cool.

Life is too damn short to live off a checklist.

P.S. We couldn’t have asked for better weather down here. Highs in the mid to upper 80’s, water temp is great. Lots more people than we’re used to but it’s not really getting in our way. THIS ROCKS!!

I’m still here

Well, actually, I’m at the beach. Much, much needed vacation. Just haven’t posted much – did a major server upgrade at work (Novell to Active Directory). Installed a layer 3 switch to give us a second subnet. Trip to Charlotte, trip to Shelby (NC) to our other divisions for technical stuff.


Tired as hell.

Looking forward to some sun and surf. 🙂