More stuff gone

Previous count: 28

New stuff gone:
1 fold-up frisbee
1 old decrepit scanner
1 travel Parcheesi game
1 Halloween haki-sak ball
1 kid’s whistle (sounds like a train)
1 child-proof doorknob cover
1 super bouncy ball
1 yellow Hot Wheels truck
1 cheesy “Voice Changer” toy
2 dog leashes
2 dog collars
3 mesh laundry bags
1 miniature deck of playing cards

New total: 45

Feeling lighter

I’m making a list. Read a blog called “The Seven Things Project,” and I’m going to give it a whirl. Her introduction says “I want to own less. I want to buy less. I want to need less. And I want to want less.”

I don’t know that I’ll go into great gory detail, but I think we have a lot of crap at the house we just don’t need. I’m not advocating a mad rush through the house and ending at the landfill, but it’s time to take a look at stuff.

Starting 8/18, I have donated, given away or trashed:
2 pairs of men’s shorts
1 pair of kid’s shorts
2 long-sleeved shirts
16 books
2 lip glosses (got for free, never use the stuff)
5 CDs of kid’s computer games

Total so far: 28

Epiphany from hell

So I go to yoga last night, and we get to do headstand. I can even do “headless headstand” which means my head is close to the floor but hovers about 1″ above the floor.

Then she says to do pincha, which is a forearm-balanced kinda-headstand thing. I can’t just get right up into it, but I decide to try to press up from headstand into pincha. Lo and behold, it’s no problem! So what the hell?!! Why can’t I just do pincha in the first place? Then my buddy says “Are you *sure* you can’t?”

What a great question!! How many times do we tell ourselves we can’t do something before we actually KNOW we can’t?

My other yoga buddy and I were discussing handstands, which I struggle with. He said “You just have to go to a different part of your brain.” We were watching the kids at the Y climb the rock wall – when they climb to the top, they get a sticker. I said, “Eric, if I ever get up into handstand, I need a sticker.” He laughed and said “No problem! I’ll find one for you!!” So there you go – make it a game and just don’t think about it. Film at 11.

P.S. This is called “Epiphany from Hell” because it’s supposed to get up to 103 today with a heat index of 112. Not sure which of the 7 levels of Dante’s hell we’re on. I think it’s #6.