Well, that was brutal

This past week I led an RCI (“rapid and continuous improvement”) event at work to focus on stormwater regulatory compliance. Oh, yeah, that was a real thriller. Bottom line is, we have to make some changes on our property at work. It’s not going over so well. It took me a couple of days to get through to the other managers that this is *not optional*. They kept thinking we call the shots, we can negotiate, etc. Uh-uh. The state says jump, and you either say “how high?” or you get fined, plain and simple.

It was rough in many ways for me. First, I don’t know jack about stormwater, yet having been appointed environmental coordinator in charge of hazardous waste and stormwater, I had to learn it, quickly, and be prepared to answer their protests. Second, I don’t know jack about building trucks and how, exactly, the proposed changes impact our production process. I had to learn that – quickly. Third, as the only female, I had to fight to get my voice heard, especially since they knew I didn’t know about the first two. One day I just came home, took a shower and cried. It totally sucked.

But in the end, it turned out well. I received a lot of praise, both publicly and privately, from our general manager. I deepened an already good working relationship with one of our plant managers into a great one, and am looking forward to working with him again in the future. I held my ground where I needed to, and was able to gently bring these guys around.

Now the users are unhappy because I’m way behind. I just have to let that go – there’s only so much of me to go around. This is going to get worse before it gets better.

I’m tired.

Surviving "stupid week"

This past week just sucked, that’s all there is to it.

  • Went to troubleshoot a printer out in the plant. It had been working, now it wasn’t. Long story short, someone cut the cable. They didn’t just cut the cable – they cut 6′ *out* of the cable, i.e. made two cuts and took a chunk. What the hell?!!
  • Was training a few guys in our training room. Laptop was hooked up to the projector, I was on the side of the room pointing to screens and answering questions. One of the supervisors came into the room and started rearranging tables (found out he was trying to set up for a retirement lunch for two of his guys). He even shoved the table *with my laptop and projector* up against the front wall. Who does that?! How incredibly rude.
  • Once again, someone has gotten permission for a new laptop. The old one isn’t that old, but it is having issues. The biggest issue is they won’t release their death grip on it for me to work on.
  • One of the guys was having trouble with his cell phone. It’s old and starting to fail, so I said I would get him a new one, and it would take 2-3 days to get another one in. Later that afternoon, he dropped by to say “Still having trouble with the phone.” REALLY?!! What do people expect me to do?

Time to get tough. Time to learn how to STAY tough.

A breakthrough!

My teacher had us try handstand with not one but two partners. It worked! One person stood behind you to serve as the “wall.” The other person helped prop up one leg while you got the rest of yourself up.

YAY! I have been struggling with this, trying to overcome my fear of falling and wrists collapsing. It was very, very cool.

Thoughts on overconsumption

A question was posed on a forum I read that asked “why do people overconsume?” I saw this response about accumulating stuff and thought it was interesting.

“That is, I think, deep in my brain there was a part of my thinking that saw ‘oh, this would make my life better/easier/happier’ and brought it home and sat there waiting for it to do its magic. But the thing is, all that stuff is so much *WORK* – I had to load it into the car, haul it into the house, find a place for it, wash it, set it up, getting it running, put it away when we take it out, keep it dusted/washed, whatever… I think when I was younger I just didn’t grasp that stuff=work and attention and time and energy.”

New count

(Fight’s over, all is better.) More stuff gone:

3 weird parts that go to a generator we sold to a friend – I’ll take them to him tomorrow
1 Rubbermaid silverware sorter thing that goes in a drawer
1 pair of lefty scissors
3 wooden spoons
1 ugly Christmas cookie jar that was given to me
1 bright orange lanyard
1 rubber spatula that I never use

New total: 104

Plus all my kitchen drawers are less cluttered and it’s easier to find stuff. Who knew we had shish-kabob sticks hidden under the Thanksgiving knife set? 🙂

Not doing well

C. and I are in the middle of a big fight. My sister’s partner of 21 years has “incurable cancer.” And the high pressure tactics are in full force at work for the annual United Way drive (ack).

Maybe tomorrow will be better.

!Adios, basura!

Okay, well, maybe it’s not ALL basura, but it’s gone:

1 scrubby thing for the shower
2 old containers of moisturizer
1 scrub brush past its prime
2 pairs old tennis shoes
1 pair flip-flops
1 pair shoe inserts (I think these were C’s…not sure)
21 articles of clothing that Sasquatch here outgrew, now that he’s in a men’s medium and wears a men’s 11 shoe

Total: 93

Cable cleanout

We tackled the horrific box-o-cables yesterday. Audio, s-video, component, composite, coax, USB, splitters, lions, tigers and bears, oh my! Now it’s sorted, bagged, labeled, and the best part – fits into two small boxes. But I have new stuff that’s gone:

10 assorted weirdo cables
4 pieces of cable/adapter/charger thingies that went to a Bluetooth adapter.

That last bit is actually for sale on Ebay. 🙂

New total: 64