Still here

Just been busy as crap lately. Weekend network upgrade in Roanoke, ugh, but it went well. Major meeting with state stormwater inspector/engineer, that too went well. Been cleaning out filing cabinet, that is going well. But I still miss Homey and when I go out on the front porch, the cats just don’t cut it. 🙁

I have 9 more vacation days to burn before the end of the year. This was my first year at 3 weeks vacation, and apparently I have no clue how to manage that and distribute it evenly throughout the year. Huh, better luck in 2008, I suppose! C and I took this past Friday off, and the other C. didn’t have school since it was a teacher workday, so we all just had a nice family day together.

Winter is coming. Maybe we’ll get some rain.

Goodbye, Homey

For the second October in a row, we had to put a dog to sleep. Poor Homey! He was 14 and very arthritic – he kept falling down the steps, couldn’t stand up, and a couple of times got stuck in the doggie door. It just totally sucked – he was still happy, loved to eat and tried to run around, it’s just that his body so totally betrayed him. Our vet is the nicest lady in the world and she make a totally horrible thing as bearable as possible. I miss Homey terribly.

New count

Huh, I bet you thought I forgot. Nah, just slowed down a little. Recently donated:

little glass bowl

Recently pitched:
2 slimline fridge drink container thingies

New count: 109