Secret thrills

I must confess – I secretly jump on the shopping cart at Wal-Mart and wheee! ride it down to my truck. Some guy saw me do that, then he looked at his cart, looked at me, and wheee! off he went.
See, grownups can have fun too! 😉

Evil revenge

Well, apparently I just have a lot to say today! C. wanted to check the status of his Xbox 360 repair, so I let him call. Bwaaa ha ha ha! Take THAT, Bill Gates! Have your people talk to my 12-yr. old!

Two new family members

Well, we don’t have them *yet* but we are scheduled to pick up two new dogs next Wednesday – !! We went for about a month after Homey died, trying to decide if we wanted to go without for a while. Yeeahh. That lasted about a month. We then thought we would go to animal shelters, which led us to rescue organizations like Saving Grace and PetSaver. These folks take animals out of high-kill shelters and either take care of them personally or find foster care for them. It’s not all puppies, either – the two we’re getting are both about 1-2 years old.

We’re getting a lab/chow? mix and a Great Dane/? mix. In real terms, uh, it’s a black dog and a brown dog, ha ha! Both are about 45-50 lbs. and are full-grown. I’ve got a good picture of the brown dog but the other’s picture is rather dark. Like him.

We are going to name them BLACKjack and PJ. Guess which one is which? 😉

Nice moment at the gas station

Of all places! I took a day off and was running errands. Singing along to Christmas songs, which is weird because I don’t really *like* them, but I had a couple of good ones on the iPod. So I pull into the gas station and decide to leave the tunes going while I fill up. I’m just pumpin’ gas, singing along (not too loud), and the person on the other side is also filling up. We both finish up about the same time, and hop into our respective cars. I catch the lady’s eye and she just smiled and nodded, like “that hit the spot.” She was singing too. 🙂

Oh, the song was “Do You Hear What I Hear?” sung by Vince Gill. How can you go wrong?

Still going…

Donated to Goodwill:

1 large corkboard
1 key rack
1 pr. soccer cleats

Sent to my sister:
1 large box of the family silver, which I’m going to arbitrarily give myself a count of 20. There was a bunch of silverware in there, but it was one box, so … ? what the heck, 20 it is.

New total: 165