c.’s best buddy’s parents are what I would term “homesteaders.” They have 37 acres, 2 horses, 10 goats, 2 dogs, 3-4 cats (I lost count) and one lone guinea hen. L., the mom, was pre-med and about to do her internship when she learned she was expecting. T., the dad, has a “real job” and apparently does quite well. She decided internship + baby was not the way for her, so she stays home and runs the farm. They have a salt water aquarium and we heard a beeping, like a microwave or something. She casually says, “Oh, I’ve got to check the water. I’m making distilled water for the aquarium.” When I asked her how one makes distilled water, she says “Oh, it’s just a reverse osmosis filter.” Which sounded very technical, yet she was very nonchalant about it.

They have several pastures and she rotates her animals around so the land doesn’t get worn out. They somehow process their gray water for other uses, and she’s about to order 25 chickens. She said I could have a couple of I wanted, and I’m thinking about it. (I would only get 2 since I have no clue how to keep chickens.) She says it’s very easy, plus you get eggs and tasty chicken. She loaned me a couple of books. We’ll see. They described the first time butchering the chickens as emotional and requiring shots of whiskey, ha ha! They are funny as hell.

They have a barn – like a real barn, with big sliding doors and hay and goat poop everywhere. The horses come in occasionally, plus one stall is set up for the chickens with nesting boxes. They have a decent size garden and use water from a pond for irrigation.

There is a huge part of me that says “Man, that would be cool, to stay home and run the farm.” I’ve always thought in a past life I was a pioneer woman, doing just that.

This as I calculate that I have only had 1 day of vacation this year out of my 3 *week* allotment. Hmm.


I can’t do this:

Even though I *can* do this, without resting my head on the floor. (It’s a mental block, I’m thinking.)

But last night, I was finally able to do this:

I have been attempting backbend (Upward Bow) for 2.5 years but could never push all the way up. Why now, after all that, did it work? My teacher was saying that when she first started trying this pose, she would move her hands out and the heels of her hands wouldn’t even touch the floor at first. Huh. Here I was, trying to follow directions and align myself the way she (and other teachers) typically say.

Breakthrough #1: I finally did Upward Bow.
Breakthrough #2: Apparently, sometimes you need to *not* follow directions.
Breakthrough #3: What works for someone might or might not work for you. Find your own way.

I know I babble on and on about yoga, but for me it’s been just SO much more than folding myself into a pretzel!