The Clothesline Saga

You’d think it wouldn’t be so freakin’ hard. First of all, the dude at Home Depot didn’t even know what a clothesline *was*. Then some older guys did know but although the computer system said there was one in stock, they couldn’t find it. Then they DID find it, but it was a T-post kind. So I went to a different Home Depot.

I had to have someone paged to the area to help me. The guy comes over. Heavy sigh. I had actually spotted the box – way up on the top shelf. Heavier sigh. For chrissake, dude – you have a set of steps not 5′ away. I would have gotten the damn thing myself if it weren’t for liability issues. So he goes up there. I get my freakin’ umbrella style clothesline. Finally. $30, made in China, of course.

So I find clothespins. That actually wasn’t too bad. But the little bag you hang on the line – ohmygod, you’d think I had asked for a 3-headed dog like Fluffy or something. I finally found one at (ack) K-Mart. Gross. And it was Martha Stewart. Even worse. But it was only $2. Guess what – made in China.

Apparently Americans don’t make clotheslines or anything related to them. I figure, hey, there’s been a record-setting heat wave here – why not have the SUN dry the clothes? I am reminded of the fact that no good deed goes unpunished.

Plus C. and c. give me constant grief about being a treehugger. I have a new mantra – here’s an example. “Hey, guys, I finally found the clothespin bag. And all the treehuggers throughout the land are rejoicing!” Groan. 😉

This sucks

I felt like crap on Sunday, continuing into today, so I went to the dr. (gross) and I have *STREP*. I hate this. It hurts a lot and I still feel like crap.

I am the worst patient. 😛

Ups and Downs

At work, we had a meeting and long story short, one guy was a real jerk to a good buddy of mine in front of all the people at the meeting, including some newbie interns. I lost some respect for him and I’m trying very hard to be forgiving, but it’s not coming easy. He took a cheap shot and thought it was funny – it wasn’t.

On the other hand, I went to McDonald’s for lunch (I know, I know) and there’s this one girl who’s been working there a couple of months now. She is just really good at her job. Listens well, gets the order right, is *friendly* OMG, and I overheard her suggesting a more economical way for this family to order their stuff and still get what they wanted. I would never expect to find good customer service at Mickey D’s – at least not that’s memorable and stands out.

On a previous visit, I had a late lunch there one day and was watching CNN report on the latest primary results. One of the workers, a guy about 35-40 years old, stopped and watched as well. He turned to me and asked, “Does this mean I have to vote again?” I looked at him and realized he didn’t know that this last vote was just for the primary. I said, “Well, yeah, the big election when you pick the president is in November.” “Oh,” he replied. “I have to vote again.” Hey, at least he voted. !