Busy as crap!

This weekend, I …

  • started pressure-washing the house. Borrowed my friend’s 2600 psi washer, that thing rocks!! Cost: Free other than gas, so probably $3, it didn’t take much.
  • stopped to take the dog to the vet, because she broke a NAIL and was bleeding all over the house. They gave her a sedative, removed the nail, and while they were at it, got her up to date on all her shots. Cost: $206
  • got a haircut, first once since my cheapo haircut at the beach in July. Cost: $30
  • went to Sam’s with C and his dad, who has the membership. Stocked up. Cost: $300
  • finished pressure-washing the house, the back deck, the lawnmower, and the grill. Took a shower. Should’ve pressure-washed *me* – it was nasty.
  • gave c. a haircut, saving $15? or so.
  • helped C restring the lawnmower and it worked. Cost: $3 for a new string.
  • gave my chickens some old bread crusts. They are stupid and don’t know what to do with it.
  • went to dinner with C, c and E – Outback, yum! Cost: $65

Expensive weekend, but we planned for everything except the vet. !!!

Chicken update

The chickens are almost 5 weeks old and I booted them outside to the coop. They just were getting too freakin’ big for the brooder and they had all their feathers, so off they went. Here is a picture of a baby rooster doing a Matrix maneuver, ha ha! My friend was right – they are easier to take care of than dogs.

Stupid stuff

I don’t know what the hell is going on, but I just weathered a non-root canal, ant bites, and a weird toe thing. Again.

Two trips to my dentist plus one to an endodontist (I had to look it up) = no, I didn’t need a root canal. Apparently I bit/jolted my tooth in my sleep? and had “trauma.” Endo said “Take 800 mg. of ibuprofen every 6 hours for 7 days. You’ll have to get up in the middle of the night to take it.” Voila! no more pain. She said to follow up with 7 days off the ibuprofen and see if the problem returned. It didn’t. Spent: $165 for thorough exam at endo, plus $20 co-pay at regular dentist. Didn’t spend: $1,050 for a damn root canal. Should get some of the $165 back from insurance.

Finally was able to get my damn stormwater samples. Yes, network manager also means being “environmental coordinator” and twice a year, I get to go out during a storm, climb into rocky drainage ditches and fill up 26 sample bottles of runoff. This time I set my stuff down on a hay bale and lo and behold! there were ants which they ran all over my hands and up my arms. I ended up in HR’s bathroom where there’s light plus a mirror, took off my clothes and shook them out. Even found a couple that made it to my hairline (wtf?). They weren’t fire ants, thank god, but I think I got 6 bites all told. Coulda been worse.

Toe thing – thought I either cut it or stepped on something. Went to the doctor (lame!) but I thought it was infected. She said it was very weird, but I had a blister under a callus. How in the hell do you do that? She said the callus was in a weird spot (on the bottom side of my big toe) and I said it was probably due to yoga. We do yoga barefoot and spend a lot of time on tippy toes, in one pose or another. She said that made sense. So she gets a very sharp knife and starts “shaving” the callus. Didn’t hurt, the blister leaked, and all the pressure was relieved. Now it’s just tender. And for all of you who followed my earlier toe story, a new toenail grew in just fine. Bleach soaks apparently work.