A different kind of wind

I was just outside and overhead flew the biggest flock of birds I have ever seen. There must have been 200-300 of them. Everything else was very quiet and as they flew over, you could hear the wind their *wings* were making. It was very cool.


Dare I say it? I feel a very tiny glimmer of hope. I’m feeling a little anxious watching the election results. I realize I actually want a certain someone to win. I’ve never felt that way – usually it’s “the lesser of the two evils” thing going on.

Dare I hope?

On a side note, I am looking forward to the day when people actually vote for who can do the better job. Not “voting for a black guy because I’m black” or “voting for a woman because I’m a woman.” (After all, they never asked white guys if they voted for X because he’s white, know what I mean?)

What will be history is when they *stop* saying it’s news for a woman to fill a certain office, for a black guy to get elected, etc. This shit just gets old.