Another chicken update

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? This post is not for the faint of heart. I will try to be nebulous in my description.

The chickens are about 18 weeks old now. The roosters had learned to crow. It’s just about time for eggs, and, uh, I don’t need any more chickens. So my flock has shrunk from 6 to 4. (You do not need roosters in order to get eggs. The hens will lay, regardless. You only need roosters if you want babies.)

A friend of mine came over to teach me how to, uh, do the deed. I thought it would be very disturbing but it wasn’t. Quick, humane, done. [Details upon request.] I don’t see myself doing that a lot, because frankly, I just wanted 3-4 hens for eggs and *later* meat, and that’s what I’ve got now. That should last 2-3 years until egg production drops off.

On a lighter note, hopefully we’ll see the first egg before Christmas!

It’s only fair to warn you

Two conversations at my house.

C: I need some information.
J: OK, whatcha need?
C: I need to know the boiling point of ammonia.
J: Why?
C: Because I’m designing a solar array.

c: If you’re truly invisible, light would not be able to bounce off of your retina, so technically you would be blind.
C: Hmm, that sounds about right.
J: I would rather be a shift-shaper like Mystique [X-Men]. Or fly.


I think I’m just ready for this year to be over. Not to wish away time, but jesus, the past little bit has been hard.

  • Viral bronchitis that lasted a month. Finally gone, but I have never been that sick for that long. Ever.
  • Torn hamstring that makes just about everything a little harder – finally went to the dr. and am going to an orthopaedic place Monday for “evaluation and treatment.” I need to know how much to work it. Or not work it. And if it’s “not work it,” I will have to find something other than yoga for a while. That would suck. We shall see.
  • I have two toes (here we go with the toes again!) that itch on top, not in between. I thought at first I had gotten a bug bite but no. Dr. said it’s more than likely athlete’s foot. WTF? So apparently I have fungal cooties on my toes.
  • The communication planets are out of alignment between me and C. We are both speaking English, but hell if I know what he’s talking about. Everything is a struggle there.
  • Work is just hard. Busy and hard. I see no relief on the horizon.

But the good – GREAT – news is that I will finally see some of *my* family at Christmas, hooray!!