OMG, I’m so proud! And thrilled!

Even though we figured he would never, EVER be accepted, c. made it into the Early College program!!!!!

What this means is that instead of starting high school in the fall, c. will attend the community college right next door to my work. He will go there for 5 years instead of the typical 4 at a high school, but at the end of the 5 years, he will have both a high school diploma PLUS an Associate’s Degree. Best part – it’s FREE! Plus all that will transfer over to a 4-year university where he can finish out a Bachelor’s degree. More info is here.


P.S. We didn’t think he’d make it because it’s funded by a private grant which targets “first generation college-bound kids” plus they want to “keep it diverse.” We told c. he was the token white guy. 😉