Greenhouse update

The greenhouse is coming along very well. C.’s got this automated drip irrigation system going, and we collect the runoff and put it back through. We also bought a decent weather station system – we’ve got wireless remotes outside (2 in the greenhouse, 1 floating in the pool, etc.) and they report back to the mother ship that’s hooked up to C.’s laptop. Oregon Scientific, M. I know you’re going to ask, ha ha! We’ve got beans, corn, peas, strawberries, cheyenne and cayenne peppers (still not sure of the difference), cucumbers and 3 types of tomatoes. We’ve got string and net going up to the ceiling for the vines to climb on. Here’s what it looks like:

And here’s one of our peppers – we’re going to leave it on the plant until it turns red. It’s about as big as my finger.

Star Trek and bread

Saw Star Trek – pretty good, some parts were cheesy/lame but overall I enjoyed it.

Made more bread and am branching out into different shapes. Did a bread bowl (with clam chowder in mind) and also plopped a couple of dough balls into 2-cup Pyrex measuring cups. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I think those would be good for Mom’s “scraped out buns” recipe. You tunnel out the middle of the roll, then pack it with Underwood’s Deviled Ham that’s mixed with chili sauce, onion and cheddar cheese. Put the lid back on, a dab of butter, and bake. I’m thinking that’s got potential.

The Story of Goober Grape

Got tired of our old Oreck vacuum cleaner. Researched, read Consumer Reports and bought this (and it was on sale, $70 off):

Vacuumed about 15 sq. ft. and got this in the canister:

Euw! About the only thing worse than that is the color – it’s Goober Grape! Yep, this Kenmore vacuum only comes in gag-me-purple. But you know what – my carpets haven’t been this clean in a long, long time.

I know – I need to get a life, ha ha!

Just workin’ away

After 12 years of enjoying it, we decided to get rid of our hot tub. We definitely got our money’s worth out of it, and we ended up giving it away to this couple who can fix it up and enjoy it themselves this winter. Now we have a lot more room on our back deck!

The pool is open – this is the first year I can remember that after the initial shock treatment of the water after winter, we don’t have to do anything else to it! All the pH levels, etc. are just fine.

The dogs got a bath and so did I, ha ha! I took that opportunity to clean the bathtubs – might as well, I was wet already.

The wire fence that had been protecting the hot tub is now a playpen for the chickens. They are finally brave enough to step out a little into the big open world. I’ll still lock them inside the coop at night but now I think they will be okay to “free range” (in their 10′ square) during the day. I can then move it around too and maybe they can scratch up and poop on the bare spots.

And we’ve started removing the trash left over from Bill and Esther on the 5 acres. Want to get that going before it gets too hot.

Went to see Wolverine at the movies yesterday. Right before the show started, the general manager came in with his sidekick. They asked trivia questions and gave away stuff – Casey won us 2 VIP passes plus a free t-shirt! We’re going to see Star Trek next weekend so that definitely will come in handy.

I’m off to collapse now! 😉