P.S. re the Wonderful Find

We have determined that these are blackberries, not raspberries, and I also found a ton of them on a small hillside at work. I bought a food mill and supposedly the proper equipment to make blackberry jam. I’ve never done any canning or making jam before – this should be interesting!

Random updates

C. passed his Tae Kwon Do black belt test, hurray! He’s a probationary 1st degree black belt. Next step is 1st recommended, then decided 1st. c. also made it from sr. orange to green, so full-on sparring for him now!

c. also finished out 8th grade with one high B and the rest A’s. The B was in algebra which was a high school level class. He also had a 2nd high school class, Spanish, and he got an A there. He’s a good kid and is looking forward to that Early College program.

As for me, I’m still doing yoga, and when it’s not a yoga night, I’m shooting for 1 mile on the treadmill. I’m also done with Week 1 of hundredpushups.com so we’ll see how that goes!

All the livestock is doing well – cats, dogs, chickens. Greenhouse is coming right along – we’ve had a few strawberries and the tomatos are starting to turn red. There are at least 40 on the bushes – !!! The cucumber plants look like alien things, not sure when the yellow flowers turn into cukes but we’ll see.

A wonderful find!

Look what we found in our yard (at the tree line) – in abundance! And there’s way more than just this patch! Off to Amazon to find a book about making jam, yum! (R., please show this to your mom.)