Greenhouse update

Saw R.’s post and got motivated. These pics are from last week:

Here it is as you walk in.

Three kinds of tomatoes – cherry, Roma and “beefy.”

The corn is way higher – it’s touching the ceiling and we’ll move it outside this weekend. The strawberries overflowed into the corn, so we’ll separate/re-pot them.

The peppers are just confusing. We have “cheyenne” which grow very well, and cayenne which are smaller. We also have bell peppers which act like they’re about to start making peppers, and then they don’t.

Cucumbers are just weird-looking.

There are also green beans and peas in there, somewhere.


Yep, I made blackberry jam. It tastes really good but is a little softer than I’d like. Here’s what I did. (Yep, this is a long post. What-evah! I had a good time!)

Bought a food mill and ground up all the berries to make it seedless.
Boiled all the goop that came out of the food mill and added a bunch of sugar and pectin.
Warmed up the lids while the jars were in the dishwasher on “sanitize” mode.
Boil, boil, boil. Scoop out this weird foam. More on foam later.
Pour into jars.
Boil the jars.

Re foam – you can re-boil it and it turns into … jam! It was all very weird.

Lessons learned: Use a bigger pot for the berry boiling part. It gets all foamy and almost boiled over. Also, read more ahead of time re pectin requirements for the fruit you are using. I thought I had gotten it right, but apparently not. After refrigeration, this jam is almost, but not quite, pourable. Which is not a bad thing, and it tastes *yummy*.