A change in direction

After some thought, I decided to go back to Tae Kwon Do. Right before we moved to Alabama, I had made it to just below black belt. Nine years later (!), I’m going back to our old school. The same teacher is there, as are many of the friends we knew back in the day – except now they are all 2nd and 3rd degree black belts, ha ha! If things go well, I will test for black belt in early December.

I’m still doing yoga and frankly, this first couple of weeks has kicked my ass! I am discouraged with my hamstrings – I’m *still* getting over torn hamstring connectors and that is a process that seems to take an eternity. Yep, both legs – one from pushing a car and one from helping my stupid dog into the tub. That one I HEARD pop, it was gross.

Worst part – I’m sucking wind. Best part – I remember how to spar!