So first I have the hamstring re-injury. Then I have the girly medical issue. Then I get bronchitis and a sinus infection while on a business trip. THEN I drop a pan on my big toe and there’s a nice big bruise on it, plus it hurts to walk!!!


Girly medical stuff – you have been warned!

Well, I’m kinda down in the dumps about all this. I went for my regular glamour exam. The doctor says “Has anyone told you that you have a polyps on your cervix?” Uh, *no*. And by the way, doc – you were the last person who saw it, so wtf? So off I go to a regular gynie. Apparently the way they remove these is by just yanking them out. But first they spray “Hurricaine” in there. The whole thing was weird and creepy. It didn’t really hurt but they weren’t prepared and the nurse had to leave and come back like THREE TIMES, each time with longer forceps to grab the stupid thing and yank it off.


And while he’s digging around in there, he says “Oh yeah, there’s a cyst on there too.” I told him right then and there to completely scope it out and make sure that is ALL THAT IS FREAKIN’ GOING ON. Apparently the “cyst” was nothing more than an internal pimple and he said none of it was bad. Polyps are 99.9% benign – they are like skin tags. Cysts like that come and go.

Oh, and before all of this, he is looking at my Pap results and asks, “Uh, did your doctor go over your results with you?” I said, “I haven’t gotten the results yet.” He says, “Oh. Well. They are abnormal.” So I freak out a little bit again and ask him wtf does that mean. He said not to worry, it’s probably from the other stuff.

So I had a polyps (now removed), a cyst (status unknown), and an abnormal Pap result. And the only one who’s freaking out is me.

Plus all this shit brought back all the times I took Mom to the oncologist and I just cried all the way home.

I hate this.

I better get used to it, though – I can only imagine that shit gets worse as I get older and more stuff will happen, so I better learn how to handle it. 🙁

In honor of Labor Day…

…we worked our asses off yesterday around the homestead!

Pressure-washed the back deck, grill, tractor and riding lawnmower
Majorly expanded the chickens’ area (photos coming soon)
Laundry (of course)
Dishes (of course)
Vacuuming (of course)
Shopping at Tractor Supply and Wally World
Lunch at Moe’s (which is like Chipotle – R., I wish I had known that when you were here, I would have taken you to Moe’s)
Did some stuff in the greenhouse
Shoveled chicken shit
Watered the outdoor plants
Mended 2 pairs of shorts for the guys, hemmed up pants for C., sewed patches on my new TKD jacket
Fixed my brother-in-law’s computer (occupational hazard)
Gathered all the trash
Cleaned up the laundry room

This morning I slept until 8:30 which NEVER happens unless I am sick, ha ha!

Random updates

One month to go until sr. red belt testing – and I reinjured my hamstring at board breaking clinic. It’s not all doom and gloom, though – I think I’ll be okay and I only need 3 more classes to meet the required # before testing. 3 classes in one month is totally doable. However, when I reinjured it, it made me cry because it hurt like a motha, which made me feel like a dork.

This weekend a lady posted up on Craigslist that she had an overabundance of pears. Went and got a laundry hamper-full for $5, only to find out that C. doesn’t like them. (I don’t care for pears, period, so I wasn’t a good taste-tester.) But all is not lost – the chickens like them, and also my friend will take them as treats for her horses.

Picked up some Dove peanut butter chocolate – FTW! It is delicious!

And tomorrow morning is bread-baking time, yum! Proofing the starter tonight.