Homestead update

First, the greenhouse.

Here we have cucumbers that just keep going (far right-hand side). The new green leaves are – yep! – fall cucumbers. Then there are 3 varieties of tomatoes that are still coming in, with more about to start.

We have a total of 18 Asian leaf spinach plants (single yellow bucket below) that we put on a staggered schedule to give us a fairly constant supply for a while.

Here’s the left-hand side as you go in. There’s spinach, broccoli, cayenne peppers, and the tall grass looking stuff is garlic.

We also have a 4-in-1 apple tree – I forget all the varieties, but I know there’s Fuji and Anna apples, plus 2 more. It’s a pretty little tree.

And let’s not forget the Stupid Chickens. Here is the Henitentiary, also known as Chicken Gitmo. So far it’s a couple of dog kennels joined together – using the gates, we can put them out into one quadrant or another. Eventually there will be 4 areas.

And here are 3 of the 4 inmates – Sha’niqua and the Crack Hoes.