Beautiful day, so I experimented more with the camera and with PJ, my dog.? I was trying to figure out “fast moving subject” photography.? Obviously I have no clue although this one does show her running.

PJ original photo:







PJ cropped photo:





And more proof I have no clue how to operate the camera, here is dorky Blackjack looking like a bunny:


Okay, really?? I hate Thanksgiving.? I don’t care for the food, I hate college football, and I hate that people devote hours of cooking for a pig-out fest that lasts about 15 minutes.? Why not cultivate gratitude *every* day – and not in the form of eating enough for a small village?? Humph.

Oh, stay tuned.? Christmas is coming too.? Bah!?? 😉

In the meantime, here’s a picture I took this morning.? It was very foggy and I was experimenting with my camera.



Well, I still don’t understand everything I see, but it appears when I moved my blog over from Blogger, it still refers to the image source on their web site.? It looks like I would have to move all the pictures over to my own domain so the image source ref is right.? That’s about tedious, I’m thinking.? Will research to see if there’s an easier way than ONE BY FREAKIN’ ONE and until then, the old posts will look a little off.


Well, I like this theme better, but I don’t understand why some of the older posts’ pictures are staggered and I’m not sure how to fix them.? I’m open to suggestion, because I am so fried I can’t think straight.? Three-day weeks are rough!? And I mean that seriously – it’s like everyone wanted X done before the long weekend.

Shoot, it’s going to *take* four days to recover!

Crappy Monday

Well.? I have learned how to reinstall WordPress.? Foolishly, I said OK when prompted to upgrade my theme.? Heh heh heh.? I’ll learn.

What I *meant* to post, instead of spending 30 minutes screwing around with this to restore it, are the following pictures I took with my new camera.? I like the chicken butt picture the best.

This one’s for Marcia

She just sent me this.

There comes a point in your life when you realize who matters,
who never did, who won’t any more, and who always will.

So don’t worry about people from your past.
There’s a reason why they didn’t make it to your future.