Now *this* is vacation!

Nothing like a clean sweep. I present to you ….. the cleaned-out closet!


Emptied the whole darn thing.

It’s coming along. Here’s my section, “after.”

Ooo! Organized luggage! (P.S. All those shoes are C’s and not mine.)

There’s daylight after all.

And a happy bathroom.

10 things to try

Read this in an article, thought it was interesting.

Get energized about your future.
Plug into your spiritual self.
Let go of the old.
Serve others.
Honor your physical self.
Be daring.
Soothe your mind.
Notice your surroundings.
Create community.
Connect with nature.

Hello kitty

Poor Lightning! We thought he just had an eye infection, but apparently he got into it with another cat or something and (gross!) he has a hole in his eyeball, euw! We didn’t know – he had no other scratches or wounds, just a goopy eye. The vet thinks it will heal up but he will be scarred in his eye and lose some sight. Here’s a picture after I got him home and he was napping out on the front porch. You can see how totally devastated he is. !! 😉

Ahhh, the mala!

And no, it doesn’t mean anything bad. Actually, it’s Sanskrit for “garland.” Go figure.

A yoga mala is performed at each change in season and consists of 108 sun salutations. Why 108? Read here. Although it seems pretty daunting, it’s typically broken up into 4 sets of 27. You can dedicate each round to a particular idea as described below. I’ve usually heard that #1 is for yourself, #2 is for family and friends, #3 is for the planet and #4 is for God.

Round One ? Dedications for Personal Transformation and Realization.This round is for all of one’s prayer for your personal activation, healing, fertilization and manifestation of the potency of one’s life. Self-realization and actualization. No prayer is too earthly or heavenly. Typically, the prayers are for healing qualities: compassion, love, creativity and the specific areas and projects that are part of the transformative fabric of one’s life.

Round Two: Dedications for Family, Friends and Precious Jewels (anyone you have unresolved conflict with)

Round Three: Dedications for the World ? The Bodhisattva round where we pray for what we care about and are active in transforming from war, global warming, children with AIDS, to your local needs. A very powerful round.

Round Four: Dedications to the Source ? The conversation between you and God, the praise, gratitude and joy.

Let’s just say I thoroughly enjoyed it, came home and took 4 ibuprofen, ha! 😉

Bad dream

Last night I dreamed there were two rednecks in our front yard, along with two bears. (Hey, this is a dream, they always sound stupid.) But the bears had dug up our old dog and brought him back to life, and they were going to eat him! So in true redneck style, I ran inside to get my gun. My intent was to shoot my dog so he wouldn’t suffer. Then shoot the bears. THEN shoot the rednecks. Don’t mess with me, I’m tellin’ ya. By the time I got my gun and plenty of ammo, the bears had moved on for a little chicken snack. Dog was still alive, barely.

Then I woke up.

Okay, that really sucked.

Poor Homey!

Peckerhead’s back online

Poor Peckerhead – aptly named because the others pecked ‘er head, yuck yuck! She was the first to molt and looked ratty for a while as evidenced by this picture. However, she’s all fluffed out with new feathers and more importantly, she’s laying again after a long, long break.