I realize everyone else in the nation gets way more snow than we do, but we just got around 8-10″ here on the homestead. Here are three pics – one’s a straight documentary shot of the nearest main road today. (We actually saw a bicyclist out in this, how dumb is that.) It’s supposed to get down to 10* tonight so everything will be a giant skating rink tomorrow, woo-hoo! The other pic is an artsy-fartsy shot I took, and actually like. Plus there’s a token bird pic too. I seem to get along well with birds.


M, here is the baking cupboard. Subtle change, but there are 4 new Tupperware containers in there. This is where I can throw the doors open, grab ingredients, and voila! Cookies!

(Frustrating picture – it’s very yellow. I’ll get feedback from K at work tomorrow. Humph.)

Future leaders of America

So I order a few pictures to be printed out at CVS and went to pick them up yesterday at lunchtime. I didn’t have a chance to look at them right that minute, but later on I noticed a couple of the pics were way off in terms of color – like a nighttime shot looked like early morning, etc. So I go back. I explain that I’d like to reprint them because I think the printer might be off a little. No problem – the manager was nice, they were very accommodating.

Did I mention I got the prints at a sale price? What they did was refund me my entire initial purchase, then I reprinted and re-paid. I told the girl helping me the manager said I could get the sale price on the second batch. She just had this “Oh, shit!” look in her eyes and said, “Well, I can do it if you can help me with the math.”

Quote, unquote. $0.99 times 5, plus tax. And actually she was going to sell them to me for $0.24 each because she thought they were the smaller size. Apparently she can’t count *or* measure. But I gotta give it to them – they were very friendly and helpful, and didn’t give me any crap about the whole thing. !!

P.S. You should’ve seen the look in the other girl’s eyes at lunchtime when I showed her my “loyalty card” – in my phone. I said, “Just use your handgun scanner and scan my phone.” I thought her eyes were going to pop out of her head!

My little buddy

This little guy comes to visit me all the time. He’s on a bush right outside my office window. T says in his country, birds represent someone who has died and their spirit lives on in the bird.

This is also my first attempt with PhotoShop. I was thrilled to get this to lighten up a bit – the picture was taken through tinted glass and outside, everything was in the shade. I think I’m going to like PhotoShop!

Sheer torture.

Here is my sister, M. She’s in town from LA. She is torturing me by getting me a pedicure – my first! – for my birthday. You can see her evil grin. And you can see the totally ridiculous result – think “Sasquatch Meets Beauty Parlor – and Loses!”

Two moons

I took 7 pictures in about a minute and they all turned out very differently as I was trying different camera settings. Here are my two favorites from this batch. These were taken right before there was any daylight, so the dark picture is closer to what I was actually seeing. The blue picture is just a fluke but I like it too.

About those pics…

For those of you using Internet Explorer, just stop. Please. Use Firefox.

It looks like IE doesn’t quite interpret Photobucket photo URLs correctly. I *could* research this and fix it, but I hate IE so I basically don’t care.

Just kidding!! I might fix it. Maybe this year. 😉


I had been trying to get a picture of this plant I have before it blooms. It’s called “Daphne” – I’m sure there’s some other official Latin name, but whatever. It blooms in the dead of winter and smells wonderful! I can’t wait until it gets blooming so I can have before and after shots.

Anyway, I had tried before to get a picture of it, and they looked like crap! I finally figured out that when I went to visit S over the break, he had tinkered with my camera settings when we were trying to take a particular picture there. Duh! I un-did that and voila! Much, much better.


Yep, that’s the name of this ball-throwing toy. I must say, it works as advertised. However, it *doesn’t* say how to get your stupid dog to go get the ball. I spent some time helping out at the dog rescue this weekend. Those guys know how to chase a damn ball. My guys, not so much. My guys are stupid.