When bowling with the Mustang club, here’s the stat that really matters:

Yes, that’s right, ladies and gentlemen: MILES PER HOUR. How fast did you throw that ball down the alley?

Mom’s piano

This piano has been around as long as I can remember.

That’s me on the left.

I’ve had the piano now for going on 13 years. That’s Mom in the picture on the right.

I was told once this piano is made out of “fiddle-back maple.” It looks like a violin.


So every month I have to drive around and do an environmental grounds inspection. (How this relates to network management, I’ll never know.)? As I was taking a shot to show a mistake, I saw this was actually an interesting shot.? I used PhotoShop to get rid of the one small thing and this turned out surprisingly okay.

Trying to get unstuck

In talking with S at lunch yesterday, I realized that I did try to get unstuck this past weekend. Although Saturday was an epic failure, Sunday I did manage to do the following. These might seem trivial, but sometimes knocking out smaller, stupid stuff helps.

  • Rearranged stuff in my kitchen cabinets, making for easier retrieval of the stuff we use most often – and even gaining some shelf space in the process!
  • Trimmed my dog’s toenails
  • Did my ironing
  • Added lavender oil to some unscented shower gel
  • Cleaned the inside of my truck and car windshields to remove the filmy crap that gets on there
  • Waxed my eyebrows
  • Did our taxes
  • Cleared the front porch swing of all the crap that had accumulated there
  • Watched a few videos

It’s a start.


Sigh. I just feel stuck. My leg injury (looks and feels like torn hamstring but it’s really messed-up “obturator,” go look it up) is taking forever to heal. I can’t do yoga or TKD and I’m grumpy about it. Can’t get motivated to do anything, tired of snow, mud, dark winter, leg hurting, b.s. at work – what’s a girl to do?!

I’m trying to focus on what I *can* do but it’s hard to be a cheerleader team of one.

Okay, enough whining. I’ll post up a new picture now. 🙂