Guitar Hero

c won 1st place at a local Guitar Hero competition last night! He was pretty stoked. (He’s the one in black.) Cash prize was $35 (7 competitors, $5 a head) but we made him pay us back the $5 entry fee. 😉 He and this kid kept ending up in a tie but c finally edged him out, then *spanked* some older guys.

Odd day

Sometimes I think I have the strangest life. Today I helped respond to a Code Red at work (I’m certified as a First Responder). Guy’s blood sugar had bottomed out but he came out of it okay. I did normal network manager things. Got off work and decided to pick blackberries at work – there’s a ton on the property. I’m going to make some private label jam and bring it in for our project teams. Went home, fed bugs to my chickens, saw this and grabbed my camera. Then I make spicy Szechuan chicken stir fry, yum! Now I will go play with my dogs.