Read this in January

It’s hot. It’s been hot since May. I am tired of sweaty t-shirts and crappy-looking hair. Heat rash. Bug bites.

Even my hat has sweat on it. It’s been too hot to go swimming because the water is too warm. There is a new level of body odor, despite soap and deodorant. The laundry requires ammonia to get the funk out. c. will be thankful it will be too cold to sift dirt. There is continual condensation on the windows because the humidity is as high as the temperature. Getting into a car will just suck the air out of your lungs, it’s so hot. Seatbelt buckles will burn you if you’re not careful. I’m sick of mowing. The bugs and flies are obnoxious. I’m tired of drinking – I could float a ship in the amount of water and Gatorade I’ve had. My “body spray” is mosquito repellent and my moisturizer is Neosporin for scrapes and Benadryl gel for bites.

This coming Thursday, it’s supposed to be back up to 97 again. !!!

Obscene chocolate

This is what happens when you’re *supposed* to get the house all to yourself, but instead you wind up in the kitchen creating Death by Chocolate.

This is chocolate cake layered with pudding and frosting, and topped with chocolate “magic shell.”? Someone please call for help.? (Oh, not for me – I don’t really like cake.? But I may be a widow soon.)? P.S. This was all C.’s design.