Busy few days

A couple of days ago c. and I collaborated on his science project. He had to create a 3D representation of an animal and plant cell. Here it is:

While it was baking, we saw these guys:

Here’s a close-up:

Then we went to Chapel Hill to see these guys. They told stories, answered questions from both the moderator and the audience, and showed funny clips from the show. I had never seen the episode about “Can you light your farts on fire?” I laughed so hard! They had a montage at the end called “Explosion Porn” since they just love to blow shit up. One little kid from the audience asked “What would you do if you were kidnapped?” Man, did they have a good time with that question, ha ha!

And when I got home, I found feathers. Lots of feathers. Peckerbutt is molting, big time, but the good news is she’s getting new feathers coming in where she had gotten pecked on her butt. So here is an artsy-fartsy chicken photo:

Chicken coop upgrades

Way more info/pics to follow, but here’s Chicken Coop 1.0 and now the new 2.0 released this past weekend!

Chicken Coop 1.0 can hold 3-4 hens and is designed to be moved around the yard. Half is enclosed and has a nest box and roost inside, the other half is open to the ground so they can scratch and peck for bugs and stuff. We’ve had this for a couple of years.

Chicken Coop 2.0 can accommodate around 40-50 chickens. It’s 10′ x 12′ on a concrete slab that has a drain in the middle of the floor for easy cleaning. There are three “pop doors” so they can go outside, and we have a system of dog kennels (6′ high chain link fence) for a huge outdoor run. It’s not done yet, but it’s at least water-tight and I can finish it off in the weeks to come.


It was a year yesterday that I ripped my hamstring/obturator really badly. At least I can walk normally again and it’s not constant pain like it was. I can cross my legs and pick stuff up off the floor without having to think about it and move really carefully.

Still in no shape to go back to TKD, though – this still might take another year. Note to self – don’t injure your hamstring again!