Ice day

Yep, another ice storm. Luckily we didn’t lose power. Being stuck at home, I thought I would provide you all with another insight into the Secret Lives of Dogs.

Here is Blackjack. He’s chillin’.

Oop! Wait for it! He’s about to move. Here’s an action shot:

If you didn’t catch that, you might have to hit the “back” button and look again.

And here is the queen of the sofa.

That, my friends, is all they did. All day. They are my idols.

Funky shoes

L. told me about these and while I was instantly sold on the idea (shoes that feel like you’re barefoot), well, they look weird. I went down to the local running outfitters store and tried them on. They are the most comfortable things I’ve ever worn! Now I just have to get over that first trip out in public, ha ha! They are Vibram (pronounced “veeb-rum”) Five Fingers Treksport.

I just realized that for my birthday last year, I got a pedicure. This year, funky shoes. Is this a new trend?!

A new year

This plant has a story. A couple of years ago, I attended a “women’s brunch” against my better judgment. It was all women. And their daughters. Thing is, I live with 2 guys. I work with guys. I don’t know how to speak Girl any more. I came away from the brunch wondering how in the world the human species has survived because it was, uh, kinda boring. How do men put up with it? I suppose the sex is just that good.

At any rate, you had to bring a plant to the brunch and in return, you’d get another one. This is the one I got. It has hot pink flowers. It has weird stems and sheds leaves like crazy. I thought I had killed it, but it’s coming back to life.

I saw it today and I thought, “I should name that plant 2010!” because that’s how the past year had gone. A little weird, very stressful and busy, but I think I managed to survive.

Like this plant.