Black dogs

Got a chance to do another puppy photo shoot – omg, what fun! There were *five* Newfoundland puppies (40 lbs. at only 4 months old, they will be HUGE) and a bunch of other dogs who were just great! Black dogs are hard to photograph – they usually turn out to be one big blob but I especially liked these two shots.

Mad as hell

This might be a petty thing, but goddammit, I’m sick and tired of stupid bullshit fees. !! We have been banking with a certain local bank for 20 years. They recently changed their accounts and fee structures. I recently saw a $30 “monthly maintenance fee.” Called to get that refunded, and learned that I would have to switch to their “free checking plan.” Huh. Thought I was already *on* that. Got my money back. Another month goes by and I get hit with a $5.95 fee because I download my account info into Quicken. Called to get THAT refunded. The rep said he got it waived for 3 months and “was trying” to get it permanently waived.

Now I see a new $2.00 fee for “Easy Image Statement fee.” I thought by signing up for paperless, i.e. GET IT ONLINE, that would cut costs. Apparently they want to charge for the privilege of seeing that they have paid me $.01 in interest, I shit you not.

I’ll be calling them on Monday, and calling USAA as well. Humph!!

Partner yoga

Last night I attended a special “partner yoga” class. Very, very fun and it adds a whole other dimension to the usual practice. Here are some (stock Google) photos of the things we were trying. Some of these look really hard but in actuality were quite easy (the first one). Others were awesome and felt wonderful (last one). And still others …. well, let’s just say the muscles are talking to me.