Chick flicks

Apparently I will have to surrender my Woman Card. I just can’t do it. C.’s been on a business trip and I thought, “Hey, great time to watch some chick flicks.” Yeah.

I started with “Eat Pray Love.” omg, how did that woman stand herself? I can understand having a rough year, not really knowing where you’re headed, and dealing with the whole “is this all there is?!” problem. But she started to get on my nerves. And the practical side of me kicked in, wondering how in the hell did she afford to take an entire YEAR off anyway?!

Next I watched “Julie & Julia.” omg, how did that woman stand herself? Totally self-absorbed and wrapped up in where SHE was headed, blah blah blah. The best part of the movie was they included the classic SNL clip of Dan Ackroyd imitating Julia Child. And how did those two afford all the ingredients for 524 recipes on their shoestring budget, as they live in an apartment above a pizzeria in Queens? She got on my nerves too.

It is clearly obvious that I am not cut out for chick flicks. Or women’s brunches (see 1/1/2011 post on that). So in the spirit of what makes movies magical – bullets, explosions, good vs. evil – the next movie up is “Defiance,” which hopefully is a classic good-guys-fighting-for-the-resistance-kick-the-shit-out-of-Nazis. Hopefully something will blow up, too, sheesh. Bet *they* won’t cry – “Well, I just don’t KNOW how I will feel after I shoot that Nazi!” Ha ha!