New arrivals

As you walk into the greenhouse….

and look in the back corner where we have extra pots….

you’ll see we have some new arrivals.

A very small, brown bird laid 5 eggs in there. They hatched and they’re all in a big pile. They all seem to be alive and I’ve peeked in there before when their mouths are wide open!

Good weekend

Weekend stats: 24 more things planted. 1 bucket of blackberries picked. 2 dozen eggs collected. 10 more jars of pickles made. 2 dogs walked. 1 husband taken out to dinner with 2 very nice in-laws. 1 very satisfying hour of quality chat with son. 1 movie watched with 3 nice friends. 1 get-together with 3 more friends that involved 50+ wings. 4-5 dips in the pool. Oh, and 3 loads of laundry, 2 loads of dishes, and 1 big bag of chicken crap!

Also celebrated officially hitting 21 lbs. lost in the Biggest Loser challenge going on here at work. w00t!