A visit with the forest ranger

Two, actually.  We had them come out because we are thinking about doing a “select cut” of our timber.  The forest rangers will come out for free – their services are covered by our property taxes.  So two guys come out and we got to tromp around our property for about an hour and a half on a beautiful day!  I didn’t know this, but we have all kinds of trees – red oak, white oak, hickory, poplar, loblolly pine, ironwood, sourwood, sweet gum and probably some others that I’ve forgotten. I was glad to learn that sourwood is favored by honey bees – I know the bees have been hit hard lately with bee plague and all. We have several big trees that are over a foot in diameter – here’s one that actually grew *around* some barbed wire:

One of the trees looked like it had been drilled 100 times – it’s from woodpeckers looking for grubs:

Right now there’s not much color out there, it being the dead of winter and all.  About the only green is some holly, and there’s some honeysuckle that’s blooming early due to the weird and mild temperatures.  Here’s a shot of one of our cleared property lines.

All in all, the forest rangers recommended we thin out the woods.  The trees are too crowded, and some of them have fallen over due to high winds and a relatively shallow land composition (lots of clay about 2′ down that prevents roots from going deep).