Summer update

Well, I *would* show you what’s growing, but I had to deal with the fact that stupid bunnies got into my watermelon patch and ate 7 out of 9 watermelons!  The chickens enjoyed the leftovers. We do have a boatload of tomatoes and cukes right now – pictures hopefully will be up soon.  Stupid bunnies!

My Summer Vacation

We went to the beach for a week – long, long overdue.  Here’s a brief synopsis told in pictures.  (I will, however, omit the picture of C.’s horrendous case of poison ivy gone bad that earned him a trip to the ER the night before we left. Yeah, it was like that.)

First, here is my official t-shirt to kick off vacation.  It was a very heartfelt message, heh.

Here is the view from our condo on the 16th floor:

Here’s where I learned what a circular polarizing filter can really do (cut the glare and make the colors pop):

We saw this game being played on the beach but had no idea what it is.  It looks like they are throwing short sections of lumber.  ?  Update: I Googled “yard game throw sticks” and it returned “kubb.”  I think that’s it.

The beach at the peak of the afternoon:

Went shopping and tried this stuff.  Although it sounds very weird, it’s amazingly good and has a decent kick to it:

So does this:

And this is nothing short of brilliant:

We went for a walk along the main street near where we were staying.  First I saw this in a real estate office window – it’s all foreclosure sales:

Then we went into what appeared to be an old-timey barber shop.  C. was in search of the classic hot towel + straight razor shave treatment, but alas, they do not do that any more. I went back later with my camera and asked the gentleman if I could photograph his shop. He was very nice and said no problem. (His customer was a hoot as well.)  He’s been cutting hair for 62 years.

We went to the Flying Fish Public Market and they had this cool mobile:

They also had these.  !!

Later on, I took a ride on the Skywheel:

That was the smoothest ride ever! What’s cool is each compartment is glass-enclosed and completely air-conditioned, ha ha!  I noticed a reflection during one of the revolutions and got this:

My photography buddy, K., kept bugging me to set up my tripod, at sunset, with a long exposure, maybe do some time lapse, but I just wasn’t feelin’ it.  I did snap this one, though.  P.S.  All of these are SOOC (straight out of camera) except the barber shop – maybe I’ll do a little post-processing later on the rest, but you get the idea.  😉


Welcome to what’s cooking.  We’re going to start with something that’s pretty damn stupid, but it turned out well.  Today’s high is supposed to be 105* – what better time to get in the kitchen and bake some bread?!  This was my first attempt with the baguette pan I ordered from Amazon – not bad, and I’ll know how to shape them a bit better next time.  P.S. It was delicious with some homemade blackberry jam!



Welcome to what’s growing. It’s taken me a while, but I’ve finally tweaked my own site a bit and am liking the results so far.  The picture is a panorama of our main garden area. Grapes on the left, then tomatoes, watermelons, strawberries, garlic, asparagus, more strawberries, cucumbers and more tomatoes.  Inside the greenhouse are peppers and onions.  More coming soon!