Circle of Life plants

I gave my chickens watermelon and tomatoes this summer.  They gave them back to me.  Here is a tomato plant I have named “Gigantor.”  The chickens did this.  I just left it alone to see what would happen.  At last count, there were 42 tomatoes on this one plant.

Here’s the back view.

This plant grows tomatoes like grape clusters.

Did I mention Gigantor made about 16 babies?  Yup, those are all *more* tomato plants.  Just ’cause.

And here’s a very confused watermelon vine.  Doesn’t it know it’s almost November??

Trying to embrace fall

I don’t really like fall. It’s all turning brown, things have stopped growing, and it’s getting darker.  However, in an effort to improve my crappy attitude about this season, I present the following photos.  Here is a rather unremarkable bush that’s outside by my greenhouse:

However, when you put it under a macro lens, things change:

Flower bed – the saga begins!

So far I haven’t really grown any flowers.  Well, not on purpose, that is.  I did have a friend who gave me some day lilies and those are doing great.

We’ve got an old raised bed around a power pole that just became overgrown and ratty-looking.

I’ve decided to trim it down, fix the boards and plant some flowers.  Like, on *purpose*.

Now we wait.

In theory, all those little bulbs will look like this. They might bloom this winter – apparently they bloom summer and winter, and they are hard to kill.  Just my type!