Epic farm update

This post will have lots of pics – here’s what’s growing at the farm these days. (Maybe I’ll do an updated chicken post soon.)

The last of the broccoli.








Eucalyptus tree and other stuff in the background.







One of four pineapples we’re growing.







Hot peppers that won’t die – we had these last year.








Christmas present from M. I didn’t kill it! It’s an amarillys.








One of many strawberry plants I managed to keep alive through the winter. Made a Belgian waffle dessert with these on top.








Happy strawberries.







Onions. I’m not sure when to harvest them, but I think it’s when the green stuff turns brown and flops over.








We chopped off the main part of this broccoli plant, thinking the season was over. Guess not!








Hanging strawberries.







Dark purple bell peppers. These won’t die either.








Something we’re trying this year – moving the containers outside, and the pull-up bars will eventually hold the plants vertically. Bamboo will help in the meantime. We’ve got cucumbers and 3 types of tomatoes outside.








Got 4 of these going – these are watermelon.








Partial shot of our grape arbor. We’ve got blueberries and grapes together.








There are actually little green grapes – I think!

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