Epic chicken update!

It’s been a while, so here is an overview of the current chicken operation. We have 51 chickens (there is a story behind it). We’ve been accumulating dog kennel panels for 2 years and now I present to you ….. Chicken Gitmo!







There is a central No Man’s Land heading from the main gate down to the coop.








Here are Fluffy (Light Brahma), Mange (Turkhen) and Brownie (Blue Laced Red Wyandotte).











And here is Big Head Fred! Named thusly because his comb grew disturbingly large early on, and now is so big it flops over.






We have a lot of these stupid white roosters. I believe they are White Leghorn.








I’ve got 9 Buff Rock girls (golden) and 10 Barred Rock boys (black & white striped).








And now, some action shots. Things get kinda exciting in the General Population yard of Chicken Gitmo. The staredown:





Fight! Fight!! The action is so fast and furious, the picture is blurred!






But it’s over with in seconds, they hug it out and go out for a beer.






If anyone is still reading this, here’s the story on the chickens. This could be a great math “word problem” if any of you have 4th graders. In the beginning, almost 3 years ago now, I started with 6 chickens. I figured a couple would die and I would end up with about 4, which was my goal. They all lived. Well, until we ate the two roosters that were in that batch. Of the remaining 4 girls, one got attacked by something, and one died for no reason, so I’ve got a black Aracauna (lays green eggs) and a Barred Rock hen from the original batch. I got those from a very nice man who is an avid deer hunter. We let him hunt our property, and when I was ready to get some more chickens, he said he would just give them to me in exchange for all the hunting. I said great, I’d like 10. He brought me 14. Three of those died a mysterious death (we think they were poking their heads out the chain link and a stray dog broke their necks – no wounds, no blood, just dead inside the pen, right next to the fence). So I’m left with 13.

I go to order more from a hatchery. I order 10 girls (for eggs) and 10 boys (for meat). They send me 15. I call them up and say, “Hey, where are my other 5?” They said they could send them to me, but they would have to send extra (commonly referred to as “packing peanuts”) so they could all stay warm. They ship them overnight through the post office; when a chick is hatched, they can live for about 2 days on leftover egg stuff. I said okay, go ahead and send me extra. They sent me 20 extra – all roosters. I ended up with 40 chicks for the price of 20. Two died, which is common – some just can’t hang with the whole trip. I now have my original 13 girls, 9 additional girls, and 29 roosters – 51 in all. I’ve already talked with the neighbors – I have no idea how much racket 29 roosters will make, and they are starting to crow little baby sounds. Most of those will end up in the freezer but …!!!

So there you have it. If any of you out there would like some fresh chicken, come see me around Memorial Day! 😉

Aracauna – 1
Blue Laced Red Wyandotte – 1
Plymouth Rock – 1
Barred Rocks – 11
Buff Rocks – 9
Delaware – 7
Turkhen – 1
White Leghorn – 20

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