Updated farm post

It seems like everything grows about a foot overnight, so here are some quick “look how far it’s come” snapshots.

Grape arbor just a little while ago:

Grape arbor now:

Bonus package:

Until this spring, we pretty much kept everything in the greenhouse. We have now expanded and thanks to this scary/complicated plan that C. thought up all by himself, we now have container gardening imitating row crops, complete with a bamboo forest theme! Watermelons are in the red pots, then we have a ton of cucumber plants. We’ve already made pickles. Hope C. likes ’em. We’re about to give Mt. Olive a run for their money. Pineapples, eucalyptus tree, and day lilies are in there somewhere.

I think we will have 27,893 watermelons.

Panoramic view. Strawberries are hanging and also on the ground, followed by tomatoes, cucumbers and all the rest of the stuff I already listed. Those wooden frames in the background will be our next experiment: potatos!

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