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New lens

It’s been a while since I posted anything on the photography section of my blog. It’s not that I have stopped taking pictures, but 2014 has been very hectic and my pictures usually are work-related, looking something like this:

It’s not that I haven’t taken any artsy-fartsy pics either – here’s one:

HarvestBut for Christmas, I treated myself to a new lens.  A Tamron 16-300mm lens, which means I can stand on the front porch and take this picture:

Zoom outAnd without taking a step, get a close-up of the bird feeder:

Zoom inAnd it’s quite macro-capable:

DSC_0426Looking forward to taking more pictures!

The Joy of Airports

(Note: Picture-heavy post here.)

So I had to go to Toronto recently. Decided to fly Air Canada since I could actually get a *non-stop* flight. This never happens. Now I know why. Coming home from Toronto, I check my boarding pass.  Hmm.  Gate F92.  I didn’t know they made that many. I decided to document the trek.

First, I notice my gate isn’t even on the map:

I start walking.

Oh, wait. Another long hallway.  No gates in sight.
3-hallAt the end of the previous hallway was one small newsstand with a warning – THERE ARE NO MORE RETAIL STORES PAST THIS POINT UNTIL GATE F88.  What’s next?
5-curveNow it’s like Disney World where they trick you into thinking you’re almost at the ride, but then the line turns.
7-nachogateYeah. This looks like a gate, but it’s not my gate.
This has got to be it, right?
Well, kinda.  This is where they scan your boarding pass, then you go down another long hallway and get to this one.  At the end of THIS one, you walk across the tarmac to your plane.
I use a pedometer for a health program we have at work.  I racked up 11,000+ steps this day and I swear 10,000 of them were at the damn airport. (Apologies for the blurry photos – that turned out to be a 22-hour day.)   😛



A while ago we bought a recumbent bike. This is the hardware kit that came with it. It’s got to be the most sensible packaging I have ever seen.