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I was asked to come back and do another doggie photo shoot at the dog rescue place. It just so happened that M’s professional photographer friend was there as well and we both ended up taking pictures. We roamed the place, independently snapping away, and look at what happened. This was not planned, it’s just coincidence, but it gave me a little boost of confidence. Looks like all I need to do in order to match her photo is to bump up the color a bit with Photoshop. And focus a tad better. But that’s all. !!!


Photo Shoot

I volunteer for a dog rescue organization and M. asked me to take some pictures. It was a hoot! M. has a funny and tacky-over-the-top sense of humor so this was a lot of fun.

This is Vannah. She has heartworm but is the sweetest dog. This probably isn’t a technically “correct” shot but I liked the half-lighting on her face anyway.

I don’t know this dog’s name, but I called her the Bunny Dog because of her ears.

Here’s Trixie, the spokesdog for the organization. She is featured frequently and she is a great model! This dog doesn’t mind wardrobe changes.

We’re thinking of making her the CEO and this could be her official portrait.

Here’s M. and a few of the gang. There’s about, oh, 30 more dogs running around.

Typical atmosphere here – fun!

Last but not least is M.’s mean dog, Possum. She’s sweet but mean and doesn’t mind nipping at your heels.

I learned a lot at this shoot.
1) I need to keep reading on how to use my damn camera.
2) Dogs move fast, but dogs + people + the occasional child is a little wild!
3) I need to move around more as I’m taking the picture.
4) I need to evaluate the scene quicker and look at *each part* of the photo. I seemed to focus on just one area of the scene and forget other details.
5) I had a LOT of fun!

New perspective

I bought a new lens for my camera and oh my! I took a walk with the dogs and just snapped away, taking a bunch of test shots. Here’s a boring picture of the garden hose on the ground (but good god, look at the detail).

Then I crouched down and tried it again.

Then I looked up.

Here’s my girl. (I’m looking forward to spring – there are only so many dog pictures I can take, after all.) The room was virtually dark except for a soft lamp on an end table across the room. No flash!

I took 48 shots, just messin’ around. Oh my!! Thanks, W, for the tip!!