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Mom’s piano

This piano has been around as long as I can remember.

That’s me on the left.

I’ve had the piano now for going on 13 years. That’s Mom in the picture on the right.

I was told once this piano is made out of “fiddle-back maple.” It looks like a violin.


So every month I have to drive around and do an environmental grounds inspection. (How this relates to network management, I’ll never know.)? As I was taking a shot to show a mistake, I saw this was actually an interesting shot.? I used PhotoShop to get rid of the one small thing and this turned out surprisingly okay.

My little buddy

This little guy comes to visit me all the time. He’s on a bush right outside my office window. T says in his country, birds represent someone who has died and their spirit lives on in the bird.

This is also my first attempt with PhotoShop. I was thrilled to get this to lighten up a bit – the picture was taken through tinted glass and outside, everything was in the shade. I think I’m going to like PhotoShop!

Two moons

I took 7 pictures in about a minute and they all turned out very differently as I was trying different camera settings. Here are my two favorites from this batch. These were taken right before there was any daylight, so the dark picture is closer to what I was actually seeing. The blue picture is just a fluke but I like it too.