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Time clutter

One of the other blogs I read mentioned time clutter, and it got me thinking. (Yes, Mike, I know you can smell the smoke from there, ha!) I was out sick yesterday, and when I returned to the office, my neighbor felt the need to drop in and describe in great, gory detail how she was hanging on the edge of the toilet, throwing up, when she had HER bout with this bug. Talk about time clutter! And energy vampire! A simple “I’m glad you’re feeling better” would have sufficed.

But it made me more aware of how I affect other people’s time, and how I can change or restructure my time. There’s only so much of it, you know. And I don’t mean the classic time management stuff – important vs. urgent and all that. I just mean time. Clutter. Busy but not productive. Rushed but no satisfaction. Making time for what’s important to me.

Okay, now my brain really IS smokin’! 🙂

Full pantry syndrome

I’m not sure why, but I do get a certain satisfaction from having the cabinets stocked, the laundry done and put away, and a clean bathroom. I mean, it’s not like we lived through the Depression or anything. I guess I just like having choices and being ready for just about anything!

Speaking English, part 2

And “jewelry.” I don’t know how many times I hear people say “joo-luh-ree.” After all, it’s not the Crown Jooluhs, is it? Here the collection of furniture you buy for your bedroom is referred to as a “bedroom suit,” even though they spell it “suite.”

I was helping Casey study for a Social Studies test and his book referred to some academy in France where the goal is to keep the French language pure. Huh, they’d sure have trouble over here! 😉

Speaking English

For the love of god, would someone please teach our president how to say the word “nuclear”? (Kiefer Sutherland, too, plus some guy on a SciFi show we glanced at last night.) If I hear “noo-kyoo-lur” one more time, I’m just going to scream.

They could make it easy – new + clear = nuclear, or at least close enough so you don’t sound stupid.


Recycling guilt

Is there such a thing? I didn’t think so until I thoughtlessly pitched an empty shampoo bottle in the trash. And I’m the one who asked the family to put plastics in a separate bag! Yes, I retrieved it, and it had nothing to do with Al Gore, “An Inconvenient Truth,” or global warming. Just me not doing what’s right. Doh! Apparently guilt still serves a purpose.


Yep, I go. Religiously. In fact, I probably get the same sense of peace and satisfaction from yoga that many people get from church. Never thought I would do it, and never thought I would like it. But I’m hooked.

Who knew that at my advanced age I can say “Yep, I can easily do a headless headstand.” And I’m working on getting my feet away from the wall. And I can almost do this weird arm-balancing pose called “The Crane.” But for some reason, *hand*stands elude me. I don’t trust my wrists, so I know I’m doing something wrong because in theory, it’s not about the wrists.

Vinyasa (flowing) yoga is what I do, and boy, I never knew my hamstrings went that deep, ha ha! And every time I have to turn around while backing the car up, I thank my yoga teacher for having us do spinal twist moves. They work, and feel good!

Simple Pleasures

I got to thinking about simple things that make me happy and figured I would make a list.

  • Our dog, Homey. He’s just always happy.
  • Clean sheets after a nice hot shower.
  • Spontaneous hugs from Casey.
  • My car, after it’s all cleaned out and vacuumed.
  • Watching the birds and deer in my yard.
  • Making cookies.

Aging Gracefully

Don’t know that I’m doing it – aging gracefully, that is – but it’s something I think about. It’s like being a teenager all over again – changes to my body, weird moods, wanting to, oh, just up and leave everything and go to Tahiti!

I saw a tour bus group at Bojangle’s today at lunchtime. Now there’s a preview. A group of seniors on a bus from Michigan, heading down to Florida. Apparently Dad was right when he said old age isn’t for sissies. It appears that there will be a LOT more maintenance for stuff that we take for granted – seeing, walking upright, eating. But it gives me ideas of what I *don’t* want to have happen. I don’t want to sit around and compare medical conditions. I don’t want to look old and frumpy (not that I’m any beauty queen, but you know what I mean). And I’m pretty sure you won’t find me on a tour bus heading to Florida, land of nasty-smelling water, heat that’s worse than hell, and bugs that are bigger than my neighbor’s puppy. Although Key West isn’t bad.

In just 15 minutes…

…you too can take the plunge and make a blog. Hmm. We’ll see how this goes.

I decided to try blogging mainly because I enjoy reading Rachel’s. Don’t know that I’ll have anything interesting to say, but I’ve never really kept a journal before so I figured I might as well give it a shot.

I’ve got a few sayings that run through my head and help keep me sane. Well, now THERE’S a relative term, eh? ha! One is “You can do anything for 15 minutes.” You can write a letter, change laundry loads, read, or just sit there. It’s up to you.

Another saying is “Life’s too short.” 1997. That pretty much says it all.

And my tongue-in-cheek one is (a la “The Sixth Sense”) – “I see stupid people. And they’re everywhere. And they don’t know they’re stupid.” Lisa, I know you’re laughing, because we both agreed stupid people outnumber the rest of us, ha ha! 😉

Anyway, still figuring out how this blog thing works – themes, settings, etc. but what the hell, here it is.

Talk to you guys soon.